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Contact Form and Submissions

by Danny

Please send me any poetry, art, short stories, editorial or political essays – please do send us what you have!

Feedmass is a new magazine, where new names share pages with contemporary writers and artists. We also would like to publish a wide range of poetry/articles in translation – feel free to get in touch with questions.

I really appreciate subscriptions (check out the Patreon page), moving forwards I will depend on these to survive, though if you don’t subscribe it won’t affect your chances!

If you have a new book you want reviewing your welcome to send me a copy – just request me here and I can send you a postal address. As a small arts magazine, I don’t have the resources to pay for any additional costs on postage incurred and won’t be able to collect any post where incorrect postage has been paid. Thank you!

All the best

Arts and poetry magazine Feedmass

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