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Proof Copy for your perusal

by Danny

Hello, welcome to the first proof where you can check your page and let me know if you wish any edits.

Initially thought just to be 60 pages I had to extend to 80 (because it just looks better).. There could be a few more layout changes, just from viewing the PDF I feel some sections might need a little nudge.

You can read the magazine in the page reader provided here, view it full screen or download.

Print copies coming
Also – after we publish online we will be adding a printable version (excellent quality) which you will be able to buy within the next week or so, it will just require me to edit the page sizes to suit the printers (Blurb.com).

To download
File size is 20mb so its not too big for a download. which you can do via the “Download” button at the bottom of the PDF viewer.

I really hope you enjoy – there are a few additional text elements I am still working on or awaiting, all will come in time.

Many thanks

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