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by Danny

Article text here as RTF (text file)

Content for article Kiara Worth

Environment section starts in the pages before your article

Sorry the image qualities are not HiDef here.. they are in the final PDF. I can send you the text if you need to proof read any changes I made?

Article begins – was originally just going to be 2 pages

But I had to expand to 4 with a lot of text compacted, I really wanted to create more white space (designed) articles but I realized just small snippets of your daily talks just lacked the detail so I took all the text & edited it – some paragraphs are missing.. But I carried the main messages. SO I realize it looks a bit heavy but I feel it is a very engaging read altogether when you get into it.

Pages next

I follow your article with something a bit lighter – & eco / community inspiring – and then there are articles about artists & then a section about street arts – then Poetry Lit.

I am really tempted to add a small snippet in the following pages with some other voices from COP26. Chris Packham raises a very good point here. Though I might just save this for a follow up article on the website only.. I’d be interested in your opinion though.

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